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Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Guidance for Do-It-Yourself Clients

How It Works

1. Getting to know the space

Clients send in pictures of the space they want to design or redecorate. We talk about what is working in the room and what makes them uncomfortable. 

2. Defining the mood

Together the client and designer determine how the client wants to feel in the space. The designer then puts a Mood Board together to tether the project to one central concept or idea.


Select the materials, finishes, fixtures and furniture you want to use. Materials can be imported into CAD to help the designer mock up options to be installed.


Use your mock-up board to talk to your contractor about your favorite options. Your contractor will be able to give you estimates. Determine what fits into your budget and give it the green light!


You’ve worked with your contractor to select the design that works best for you and your budget. Now stand back and let the contractor work their magic. Enjoy your transformed space.

Add on oversite services to have your designer monitor the installation process.

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