Home Office

A private "flex" room that is good for more than getting paperwork done.

The home office can be so much more than a hybrid workplace. It is a prime location to add guest quarters and a fitness zone to maximize the rooms potential.

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Home Office Technology

Remote Workstations that Reduce Health Risks

Reduce your risk of body pain, eye strain, and mental fatigue with wellness designed workstations. Include:

  • Ergonomic furniture to reduce pain in your muscles, tendons, nerves and ligaments
  • Healthy lighting design reduces eye strain, fatigue and can improve mental wellness
  •  Smart home technology becomes your personal assistant automating lighting scenes and reminders to take frequent breaks

privacy and amenities for your guests

Give your houseguests privacy by integrating a hospitality station into the office. Everything they need for resting and working is one quiet location.

Integrated Guest Bed

Benefits of a Fitness Zone

Expand your built-in cabinetry to include fitness zone equipment. Commiting to routine can be easier with a home fitness zone. Benefits: 

  • PRIVACY – no need to feel self conscious
  • CUSTOMIZED – the freedom to customize to your lifestyle and health goals 
  • CONVENIENCE – no commuting. Your zone is ready when you are.
  • EFFICIENT – save money on gas and membership. Neither are required to use your space.
Include workout mirrors like this one by Lululemon Studio. Your personal trainer on demand.
Equipment designed to integrate right into your office furniture like this bike by Lifespan.
Home fitness storage options like these open cabinets by Pottery Barn. Or go for something custom!
Add a diffuser to relax for meditation or invigorate for energy. Aromatherapy is a touchpoint for wellness.

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