Laundry Room

Transform this underserved room into the washing and wellness hub is was meant to be.

Laundry rooms have been undeserving homeowners for too long. With a little design skill they can house several utility stations from a butlers pantry to crafting counters. It's time they do more than get the clothes clean.

Shannon Faye
DIY Laundry Room Storage

Laundry room remodel for a custom lifestyle

Unique lifestyle habits deserve a custom fit. Laundry rooms are no exception. This crafty DIY homeowner thought about her daily routines and activities her family enjoys in order to customize a wash and storage station that improves her quality of life.

Feeling bold? There is a link in the description for plans. Not ready to break out the tools but want the look? Just ask 1122 Designs to help you.

too busy to get to the store?

Your design team can help you layout the ideal station for goals. Maintain your health and boost your immune system on a daily basis.

The Juicing Station

your private pup parlor

Some furbabies are active outdoor sportsman. If there is mud and dirt they find it! A dedicated station for your posh pup to clean up is a beneficial feature that makes daily maintenance easy. No dirty paw prints until your next professional grooming session. Features include:

  • Dog shower
  • Integrated feeding station
  • Pot filler water faucet
  • Integrated dog kennel and dog door


This glamorous space by @dinabandmaninteriors features hand-painted @degournay wallpaper and Ella™ shelves and counters.
By @pikeproperties 📸 @joepurvisphotos Pike Properties features a pot filler watering station
Built in feeding station by Wood Mode. Conveniently keeps food and serving bowls tucked away until meal time. No more tripping!
DESIGN: RACHEL HALVORSON, PHOTO: PAIGE RUMORE combination built-in dog kennel and dog door.
Laundry room features and options 1122 designs tagged

potting bench

Add a potting bench area for dividing and potting houseplants.


Arrange anything from fresh cut flowers to silk plants.


Keep your cakes and pastries safe with a dedication station.


Have all of your tools within reach. From pottery to arts and crafts.


Your prefered lighting and equipment to capture your creations.


Keep your cakes and pastries safe with a dedication station.

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