Multi-Generational Living

Interior design that solves the challenges of multiple generations living under one roof.

Multigenerational housing is a popular solution for the soaring cost of living in America. According to the Pew Research Report, 52% of Americans between 18 and 29 are living with one or both parents. For peace of mind and quality of life adult children are moving their parents in with them . Thoughtful Universal Design solves many of the usability and privacy challenges we face with multigenerational living.

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Multigenerational Living


Multigenerational living can be a very pleasant experience. Many adults are accommodating their adult children who haven’t moved out or have returned due to a soaring economy. At the same time, they want to provide a good quality of life for their parents as they age out by moving them in. This is one multigenerational home that has everyone smiling.

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“…for complex reasons that still puzzle researchers, multigenerational households are now on the rise once more. As many as 41% of Americans buying a home are considering accommodating an elderly parent or an adult child…”


Mobility Challenges Made Easy

Mobility challenges can happen at any age for a number of reasons. Sprained ankles, broken arms and unexpected surgery can require our homes to be more accommodating with Universal Design features.

Moving Back In With Mom & Dad

When adult children are trying to get a head start many parents offer to let them move back in. Discover a new way of family thinking for strict independence to family interdependence.

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smart home

With so many options available, smart home technology can be uniquely customized to fit your lifestyle. Use as little or as much technology as makes sense for comfort and needs.

healthy lighting

Sleep deprivation can be a challenge for one person. Add circadian lighting to regulate emotional and physiological needs. Lighting that helps keep you happy and healthy.


Increased family members means more potential spread of bacteria and virus. We design with surfaces that are low maintenance and highly resistant to bacteria and virus like non-porous quartz.

open concept

While private spaces play significant role in multigenerational living, so do open concept kitchen and dining areas. This is culturally the greatest oppotunity to socialize.

outdoor living

Expand your home to include outdoor living space. Glass walls can open open up to outdoor living rooms. Patios and decks off bedrooms allow for private mini getaway moments.


Konnect by Kohler is just one of the many eco-systems to choose from when upgrading the bathroom. Include other features like curbless showers and designer grab bars.

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