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Design that keeps you and your pets healthy, protected and connected whether your home or at the office!

Our furbabies mean the world to us. We shower them with love and they give us a sense of belonging in return. Make the reciprocity of companionship convenient for you and your bundle of fur with built-in features.

Shannon Faye

Low Maintenance Features

Whether you are a senior or not sometimes we could all use a little help with our pupper’s:

  • Feeding and watering
  • Walking your furbaby
  • Dog grooming
  • Going “out”

A dog can be a senior’s key to routine companionship. Solutions to ownership challenges can be integrated into residential interiors for convenience and safety. 

Best Companion Breeds For Seniors

Finest Feline Features

Catify your home. Cats are tons of fun to watch and low maintenance compared to dogs. They are perfect pets for owners who don’t have a lot of space or time to walk a dog multiple times a day. They are also wonderful for seniors who have limited mobility or might have a scooter that can tangle in leashes. Some features to consider:

  • LITTER BOX – Self cleaning
  • PLAY – Wall attachments are brilliant for play. Your cat can get up off of the floor, practice its gymnastics, and reduce clutter and trip hazards.

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