Rejuvenate at home in your private bathroom. Wellness Bathrooms provide daily therapy to relax the body and inspire the soul.

Wellness Bathrooms are central to the rejuvenation of homeowners. They allow us to maintain our well-being on a daily basis through holistic multi-sensory modalities. They provide more flexibility to schedule focused services outside the home. Homeowners achieve greater balance and customization of personal health maintenance.

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Hydrotherapy Solutions

hydrotherapy: why it's good for you

Companies like Kohler are stepping up their technology to meet the everyday wellness needs of homeowners. Showers and bathtubs are equipped with holistic features that improve blood flow, reduce stress and tissue inflammation, improve cardiovascular conditions, and improve skin quality by allowing it to absorb more oxygen.

Wellness Lighting


Color therapy can be used to compensate for mood deficiencies and regulate our circadian rhythm. Studies have shown that targeted light frequencies can stimulate our natural healing systems:

  • GREEN – reduction in; migraines, acute chronic pain, arthritis and fibromyalgia 
  • BLUE – reduces stress, headaches, blood pressure, treats jaundice, stimulates the parasympathetic system
  • RED – promotes energy, stimulates heart and blood circulation, supports healthy organs
  • TURQUOISE – can help regulate imbalances in the lung and large intestine systems
  • VIOLET – promotes emotional stability, proper functioning of lymphatic system, reduces symptoms of menopause

Introducing cambria surfaces usa

Why use Cambria quartz in wellness bathrooms? It isn’t just because it’s showstopping beautiful. This is what Cambria has to say:

  • They are distinctively durable, nonabsorbent, and easy to maintain.
  • Backed with robust service and support as well as a transferable Full Lifetime Warranty
  • Their quartz surfaces are stain, chip, and scratch resistant
  • Antibacterial and antiviral 
  • All products are made in America
  • They employ sustainable best practices in their operations and encourage their partners to do the same
wellness bathroom features tagged

sound system

Another import option is a sound system. Whether it is a bluetooth showerhead, travel speaker, or built in ceiling system…music in the bathroom is essential. Feel your mindset with music.

Smart shower

Connected home and smart home technology aren’t just affordable luxury features. They assist homeowners in saving energy and participate in water conservation. Convenient too.

Top 5 bidets

Increase your confidence by feeling clean and hygienically  fresh. Bidet toilets and attachments limit the spread of germs, reduce hemorrhoids and are environmentally friendly. 

binaural beats

Music that is sent to various frequencies to encourage; increased creativity, reduce anxiety, improve sleep habits, trigger tissue regeneration, and promote healthy wellbeing.


Biophilic patterns are about choosing materials, shapes, fixtures and finishes that connect us with the natural environment. You can include plants but it isn’t a must.


Aromatherapy comes in several modalities ranging from bath salts to diffusers. Some of the benefits are treating asthma, insomnia, depression, cancer, arthritis, and menopause.

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