Small & Home Based Businesses

An entire company identity to strengthen client recognition and loyalty

The challenge for small and home based businesses is that their identities are not well developed. We solve that by refining what they are about through their mission, vision and value statements so it can be communicated through interior design and packaging.

Shannon Faye
Building Client Relationships

Longevity through your brand and brand identity

Helping you to identify the moral of your story and communicate it through your brand colors, logo and interior design. Build lasting relationships with your clients that they can get excited about promoting and sharing.


Check out our Branding Document and discover our level of branding. When we are ready to market, strategize or evolve it is so easy to look at this document for guidance. This is how we stay on message and consistent with our clients.

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Set Yourself Apart With A Unique Brand That Can Be Seen Everywhere

1122 Designs creates an identity that can be seen in the everyday world but unique enough to keep your company foremost on the mind of your clients.

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Who Are You?

BRANDING: We help you take the concept of your business and define it. We will take you through the process of refining how you want to be perceived by the public so that you are seen for who you are. It allows you to move forward and evolve your business. 


BRAND IDENTITY: Show the public who you are! We develop your brand into a tangible experience that the public can relate to. It becomes an identity your clients can be a part of. From your interior design to company swag, increase your loyalty and referrals.

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